Your lawn service will be performed by trained and supervised personnel with proper equipment.

Yes, all of our employees speak English.

Yes, all of our employees are legal residents of the United States.

Yes, we’re covered for workman’s comp, liability and motor vehicle.

We provide lawn and landscape service to anyone who desires a nice landscape and values the proper care and maintenance required to keep it looking its best.

Our scheduling depends on the availability of the crew in the area.

The size of the mower depends on the size of and access to the lawn. For example, gate sizes and fences will be considered when determining the right size mower.

Yes, we provide machine pruning and hand pruning if necessary.

Yes, we provide a variety of commercial maintenance services. Please visit our services page for more information.

Yes, we offer seasonal color through bedding plants and containers.

Plants and trees help the environment by absorbing ozone-damaging pollutants and producing oxygen.

Our fees depend on what services you desire and the size of the serviced area. Three Tree Landscapes customizes all of our services to fit your specific needs, so no two jobs are ever the same.

Mulch helps keeps weeds in check, retains moisture, and adds organic matter as it breaks down.

Yes. We have been in the nursery and landscape industry since 1976 and are very knowledgeable in all types of plant care.